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Farm & Rural Energy

 Discover how we're helping100's of rural businesses cut their energy bills & make the most from green energy saving opportunities.


What makes rural energy use different?

You're probably reliant on Oil or LPG for your heating, you'll be paying more for you electricity simply due to distribution costs & the supply will be more prone to cuts or reduced capacity. 


Your business is far more likely to operate longer hours which actually should be good for energy suppliers as your demand is spread across the week rather than the surges in power they have to supply in the 9-5 world  (Little fact is that the most expensive time for energy companies to supply electricity is between 3.30 & 5.00pm on Thursdays in December / January.)  That's why they introduced cheap rate power between midnight & 7.00am but that is so completely out of date and wrong - We are actively fighting with suppliers for fairer energy tariffs with longer periods of cheap rates that match the rural energy users needs, slowly we're winning, in fact we have a new product due to launch later in 2021 that should reduce costs by up to 13% for dairy farmers.

Why Nobull?

We've worked with clients in the rural sector for many years & approach things slightly differently to others, maybe because we're old school but we do it for a reason - because it works! We focus on getting to understand your business operation as well as your energy demands (ideally visiting in person) we analyse all your energy consumption (Electric, Gas, OIL & LPG) we check everything including your historical billing especially looking for excessive KVA & reactive power charges.

Our free energy reviews will also highlight potential energy saving products & technologies including renewables, on-site generation, smart energy management programming & operational changes that may be worth further consideration.

Finally we'll present you with the facts so you can decide what actions to take'

No rush, no pressure, just what we call proper energy saving advice without the bull.


Dairy Farmers we need your help

We've been working with a UK based energy supplier on a brand new electricity tariff that should provide dairy farms with cost savings of between 8 - 13% (based upon 18 farms surveyed)  We need to look at more data to confirm our numbers.

 If you can spare a few minutes to answer the short survey you'll be helping us & your fellow dairy farmers too. 

 We'll also be asking for your input on the finer details of this new tariff so you get a product that ticks all the boxes. 

Many thanks to Kathryn at Kingshay, Neil at DCS, FCG members & AHDB for all your help to date. 

If you would like to help please get in touch with Steve Pilling

07989 304224