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updated 5th September


It's been great to get out and visit some of you recently and I look forward to meeting more and more of you very soon.

Sadly I've also been getting reports of businesses receiving calls from energy consultants suggesting you sign up to special new energy contracts to help you through these sh#t times and insisting you agree before prices leap up! - it's complete BULL so tell them to take a walk.

  I urge you NOT to agree to anything over the phone, no matter how good it may sound, now more than ever you need energy contracts that are right for your specific business needs. It takes time and industry knowledge to identify the best options and even then you should always insist on seeing a written copy so you can check everything before signing.

A number of energy suppliers have stopped accepting acquisitions (new business) from certain business sectors, you've guessed it, all the sectors who are suffering the most already!  This will result in less competition and potentially price rises but don't worry we have very good relationships with a number of suppliers who want you as a customer and will look after you

Final point is to remind you to check when termination is due on your energy contract, miss these dates and you could get rolled onto an new expensive contract, we can do this for you and free of charge with no obligations. 

If you have any questions or need any assistance I am available 7 days a week to provide free, impartial advice without the bull.


Steve Pilling

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Best Busines Energy Prices

Our experience & connections within the energy industry mean we can often secure prices that are unique to us & extremely beneficial to you & your business.

As always please get in touch & let's get started.

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Have you considered on-site energy generation? Wind, Solar & Heat Pumps are just a few of the technologies that could reduce your carbon footprint & slash energy costs.


Want to know more, let's chat & find out more.

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If you use LPG either in bulk or  cylinders we can now secure some fantastic rates for businesses.  You could be looking at 10p per litre less than the big three.

Quotations take 24 hours minimum.

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Are you ready for the growing number of electric vehicles?

Did you know subject to certain criteria your business could have FREE charging points installed.

Get in touch for a free site survey.

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Something that catches out many businesses is submitting notice to terminate your contract in time.
  Sounds simple enough but many suppliers only allow you a small window of time to notify them before the contract end date.
Example below from one supplier: 
"Notice must be given 120-90 days before your CED" "Should you not terminate then your contract will renew as per statement of renewal rates for a period of 12 months"
If you don't terminate you could be rolled over onto a new contract as above and at much higher prices. 
We will make sure this never happens to you.


A vast proportion of mis-sold over priced energy contracts originate from call centre style energy consultancies.
Never agree to an energy contract over the phone.
You'll receive written or electronic contracts from us giving you time to review everything. 


We still find business energy customers paying too much VAT, not only are Charities & Churches eligible to 5% rates your business may qualify.
 We'll check this as part of our free energy audits.
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