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 Hospitality & Leisure

Energy cost savings - in excess of £208,000 April - August 21  References availiable. 

Hospitality sector update August 21



A number of energy suppliers are putting restrictions on new contracts to certain business sectors and guess what? Hospitality is being hit hard. We can help you with this and help you to not only get the best energy prices but usually we can find ways to reduce you energy consumption too. More than happy to give references from numerous happy customers.. 


Simple rule to follow is DO NOT agree to anything regarding energy over the phone, no matter how good it may sound, insist on seeing a written copy so you can check everything before signing.

Steve Pilling

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We know how hard your industry has been hit in 2020 & our promise to you is to secure the very best prices available.


You may have problems or disputes with your existing supplier & we're here to help. Steve Pilling (MD) has helped a number of businesses recently even acting as expert witness in a recent case resulting in £8k refund for a local hotel operator. 

  • We will help you find the lowest energy prices 

  • We'll do a free electric & gas billing audit

  • No security deposits required & no nasty T&C'S

  • Bespoke extended period cheap rate electric tariffs 

  • Free Water & Energy Audit (Check for incorrect charges)



It seems wrong to be talking about energy saving when it's the entire hospitality industry that needs saving.


We've been working with the hospitality & leisure sector helping reduce energy costs & consumption for over 30 years & welcome the chance to help your business. We genuinely do wish you every success for 2021 & hope we'll chat soon.

  • Kitchen Energy Management (Turn it off when not needed)

  • Heat Recovery Systems (Free hot water from waste heat)

  • Voltage Optimisation (Reduce electrical use)

  • CHP Systems (Generate you own electric)

  • Green Energy Opportunities & Grants

  • Income Generation (EV Charge Points)

  • PFC (Make energy more efficient)



Something that catches out many businesses is submitting notice to terminate your contract in time.
  Sounds simple enough but many suppliers only allow you a small window of time to notify them before the contract end date.
Example below from one supplier: 
"Notice must be given 120-90 days before your CED Should you not terminate then your contract will renew as per statement of renewal rates for a period of 12 months"
If you don't terminate you could be rolled over onto a new contract at much higher prices. 
We will make sure this never happens to you.


A vast proportion of mis-sold over priced energy contracts originate from call centre style energy consultancies.


Never agree to an energy contract over the phone.


You'll only receive written or electronic contracts from us giving you time to review everything. 


We still find business energy customers paying too much VAT, not only are Charities & Churches eligible to 5% rates your business may qualify.
 We'll check this as part of our free energy audits.
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