Welcome to Nobull Energy


My name is Steve Pilling,  I became more and more frustrated with the total bull I was hearing from energy suppliers and associated industries over the last few years.


Why do they deliberately make everything so complicated? why isn't customer loyalty rewarded? why are contracts so one sided? why can't you just get the facts without the bull?


 Rant over and Nobull Energy launched.

No Fees, No Hassle, NOBULL - Just honest friendly advice 

It doesn't matter if you're a domestic or business energy user our aim is exactly the same, to provide you with independent advice in plain English so you can make informed decisions and achieve maximum energy savings.

What do we do? 

The list is long and ever growing but includes, Free home energy switching advice, Energy audits, Billing validation, Supplier disputes, Energy procurement, Renewable energy overviews and of course identifying energy saving opportunities without the bull.

Do we have a large flashy office?

NO, home based,  spend at least half our time out visiting customers.  

Do you use a call centre?

NO, we hate cold calling, we get most of our work through referrals.

Do you employ sales people?

NO, not because we don't like sales people we just don't need them, we advise and you decide with no obligation or pressure.

Do you know what we're talking about?

YES, Steve alone has 32 years experience! "It's not what I know or have learnt along the way, it's the people I've worked with and learnt from who still support me in my goal to give the right advice without any bull" 

Do we sell anything?

NO: we don't sell any products. On occasions we will agree with clients a compensation share when claiming back rebates.

How do we pay our bills?

We receive payments from energy suppliers and third parties when we refer business to them.

Listen with curiosity

Speak with honesty

Act with integrity

Where next - Home or Business energy?

New gas and electric supply

Moving to a new home or business premises we can help you with a hassle free switch over to your new supplier at the best prices.

Take a look at our easy 5 point guide for home movers. 

If it's a business move we'll need to speak with you as unfortunately for you there is a specific way to do things correctly.

Why are energy bills confusing 

We love energy bills, or should we say we love dissecting them and discovering errors made by suppliers.

Domestic energy customers may think their bills are complicated, and they are, but business energy bills step up to another level of confusion.


Don't worry we will check your billing for free, get in touch and lets see what we can do. 

Reading meters

Just to make things even more confusing there are loads of different types of gas and electric meters.

Click below for our guide "how to read your meters". If in doubt just send us a photo of your meter and we'll do the rest.

We can also arrange for new meter installations and accuracy checks anywhere in the UK.

Energy saving technologies

We don't sell renewable energy energy efficiency technology, we're advisers not sales people.

We will happily look at any situation and suggest possible options to explore that may match your specific needs.

Should we be asked we're always happy to introduce you to trusted and reputable experts to help you further.


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CW2 5EA.          


01270 650709

Privacy:  We will never share or store your details & comply fully with GDPR & all that jazz.