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 Thanks for visiting today, I thought I'd write a few lines just so you know where I'm coming from and why I set up No Bull Energy.


 The energy sector is a mess with little regulation, blatant mis-selling, unfair pricing and zero respect for customer loyalty which really annoys me, I'm sounding grumpy already ha ha.


I'll never claim to be an expert even after all my years in the industry but I'm fortunate to have some very well informed industry buddies who I've known and trusted for many years to ask. After all it's not what you know but who you know that makes a difference.


 I'm now delighted to offer my support to home energy users, many of whom have told me they don't switch to get the best deals because it's too much hassle or they don't know where to start!  I launched a simple to use home energy price comparison service in 2020 so everybody has the chance to pay less for their energy and I'll even do everything for you so no more excuses.

Feel free to ask me anything, there's no such thing as a daft question, quite often they're the one's that can make a difference.

Steve Pilling

Founder NO BULL Energy

What do we do 

We provide free, clear, concise energy cost saving advice.


What makes us better than the others

Try us, you'll find out.

Do we employ sales people

NO, neither do we ever cold call anybody, we advise & you decide with no obligation or pressure.

How do we pay our bills

We receive payments from energy suppliers & third parties when we refer business to them.

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