Why do energy suppliers make everything so complicated?

 Why isn't customer loyalty rewarded? 


 I decided it was time to simplify things and provide you with the facts without all the bull.


Steve Pilling, Owner, Nobull Energy

Listen with curiosity

Speak with honesty

Act with integrity

No Fees, No Hassle, NOBULL - Just honest friendly advice 

It doesn't matter if you're a domestic or business energy user our aim is exactly the same, to help you make informed decisions and achieve maximum energy savings.

What do we do? 

The list is ever growing but includes, Free home energy advice, Energy audits, Billing validation, Energy procurement, Carbon reduction and most recently working with the UK's leading EV charging point manufacturers.

Do we have a large flashy office?

NO, we're home based and spend at least half our time out visiting customers.  

Do you use a call centre?

100% NO, we would never cold call anybody.

Do you employ sales people?

NO, we simply advise and you decide with no obligation or pressure.

How do we pay our bills?

We receive payments from energy suppliers and third parties when we refer business to them.

Business Energy

EV Chargers

Home Energy

NOBULL ENERGY 308 Newcastle Road, Shavington, Crewe, Cheshire CW2 5EA

Privacy:  We will never share or store your details & comply fully with GDPR & all that jazz.