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Dairy Farm Energy

 We study your milking schedules & processes to deliver bespoke electricity tariffs that will cut your energy costs.


Why Nobull?

We've worked with clients in the rural sector for many years & approach things slightly differently to others, maybe because we're old school but we do it for a reason - because it works! We focus on getting to understand your business, milking schedules, chilling systems, operational processes & compare these against your energy consumption (ideally visiting in person)   Once we have done this we analyse all your energy consumption (Electric, Gas, OIL & LPG) before presenting you with potential energy cost saving opportunities.

Our free energy reviews will not only identify possible billing errors by your suppliers but also highlight technologies including renewables, on-site generation, smart energy management controls & operational changes that may be worth further consideration, as well as simple no cost fixes such as making adjustments to your energy bill Kva, time of use & reactive charges, 

We present you with all the facts so you can decide what actions to take. In addition we'll work with your consultants to reduce the energy element of your PPL

No rush, no pressure, just what we call proper energy saving advice without the bull.

Drop us a line anytime.


Dairy Farmers we need your help

We've been working on a brand new electricity tariff that should provide dairy farms with cost savings of between 8 - 13% (based upon 18 farms surveyed)  We need to look at more data to confirm our numbers.

 If you can spare a few minutes I would like to have a chat or drop you an email to explain more about the planned new electricity tariff , basically we plan to spread the number of hours you receive cheap rate electricity, this has taken us months of negotiation with energy suppliers but we have proved to them that the way you use energy 24/7/365 should mean the supplier does not loose money by providing this new tariff & you get a reduce electricity bill.


We will possibly request installing some data logging equipment onto your electric supply, it doesn't matter who suppliers your electricity we just need to gather information to compare against your milking schedule & processes.  Initially the new tariff will be restricted to farms where we know the operational electricity consumption (or have half hourly billing we can view) these farms will receive contracts with a written price guarantee.


Your help is most appreciated, Thank you

Steve Pilling

07989 304224