Arranging Gas and Electric for your new home

1)  Find out who supplies the Gas and Electricity to the property  Who to ask: landlord, letting agent, previous occupant or developer.  We can also find this out for you if you're stuck.  

2)  Find out where the meters are located and what electric tariff you're on (single or economy 7).  Take a note of the meter readings or better still take a photo. If you're not sure how to read meters see our guide at the foot of this page.

3)  Contact the existing energy supplier  When you communicate with them DO NOT give your bank details or agree to a new contract - Just give your meter readings and contact details.

4)  Decide if you want to go for a Fixed price or Variable tariff.  Variable prices go up and down but you can leave anytime without penalty - Fixed contracts offer you peace of mind with a guaranteed price for your energy - usually 12 months but they can include an early exit penalty. So if you're not staying for long look at variable tariffs.

5)  Secure your new energy contract.  We've made it as easy as possible, just tick the box that says new home when you log onto our price comparison. Any questions you can always ask and we will help.



 If you're moving into a brand new property you should get a welcome letter from the appointed energy supplier, they will ask for your bank details etc but I bet they wont offer you the lowest prices.  Easy fix is email us your welcome letter and we'll make you happy.

Please feel free to get in touch whatever your question. 

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Reading meters

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